Friday, 2 September 2011

A beginning

The last post was anything but "making me count". So I thought to myself .... alright what can I do, where can I start? I needed to do something that was sustainable and mattered 'somewhere' other than a feel good factor for Joe. 

It really nips the list when I expect to undertake a project sitting at home. But decided to take a baby step and terrace garden. I can almost here someone laughing hysterically and some others sniggering. Maybe I should give a little history to explain my total lack of confidence. The daughter of parents who spend most of their day digging, planting, plucking, erecting supports and sunshades for creepers, you would expect a green thumb if not a whole green fist (by theories of genetics and evolution) but unfortunately whatever I touched - died :( ..... even a cactus :(. Looks like some genetic mutation handed me a 'brown' thumb.

I have decided to try again and this time post results, good or bad. I cleaned the empty pots on the balcony (they had remains of their previous tenants :( ). I just watered empty pots for a couple of days (well may as well get into the habit before I put plants in there!) and now I need to figure out what goes in there. I plan to enlist the support of my five year old, whatever the result maybe there will be some lesson learnt (for both of us). I am open to suggestions (considering it is a blank slate now any suggestion will be enthusiastically lapped up). I must add, I did visit a workshop - Oota from your thota - that promoted gardening in urban spaces, to take in as much as I could before my 'venture'. A friend who was a part of this programme had posted "stop making excuses" on her facebook. I realised that is what I needed to stop doing - stop procrastinating. 

Here I go. Watch out for updates. Keep those suggestions coming.


  1. hey joe ! we have a kitchen garden at office and at home....home we have tulsi, and a few things for cold, reks had same problem as urs, but curry leaves really did well, so does bitter guard and green chilli ! try these out !

  2. Cool!!
    Will give you the seeds this weekend. 4 pots - 2 from "oota from ur thota" seeds, coriander and green chillies in the other 2. Lets start this weekend.

  3. Hey Joe, good luck! BTW if you would like some good quality but cheap vermi-compost for your plants GKVK is the place to buy some. They also have seedlings at very low price including lots of herbs.

  4. Thanks nk, ra, sk :) ..... my feel good pot (methi - a no brainer) has sprouted :) ..... I now have 3 pots with seeds and 2 plants my mommie sent me - tulsi & turmeric .... hope to grow & keep alive!!