Thursday, 30 April 2015

Bangalore will always be home

City planning to me for the longest time meant people with some knowledge and ability to apply their mind planning for the betterment of the city. 

In the past decade or so, the way our city has changed for the worse, being plundered and taken apart bit by bit has made me wonder what the hell planners were doing? Every single problem has increased in such unbelievable proportions that it feels like it has reached a point of no return. Traffic, garbage, disappearing lakes and lung spaces, pollution - yes the population has increased, of course it will and there are more generations coming after us and that is why it is called planning! 

Then I think, it is city planning. The word planning in our city’s case seems to be subjective. Planning on how to make a handful of people prosperous? It does not say “city - betterment - planning” or “Bangalore Development For All Authority” anywhere does it. It is sad to think that public in a city of 10 million does not have a voice and the sounds made by some are mere squeaks.

That being said, I know for sure that our family and that of many many others will simply not throw up our hands and go with the flow. We will still do unheard of things like follow rules and unthinkable things like standing up for our rights. Not going with the flow does take a lot of energy out of simple living but that is the least we can do. We will keep squeaking!!

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