Friday, 1 April 2011

What is that CRITICAL number?

Today my 4 year old came back with a cloth bag that he said we should use while shopping. Yesterday he came back with a Gubbi Goodu (a sparrow house made of bamboo) that he instructed us to hang on our balcony. Their theme for the year was the environment and one of the first songs he sang was about water (oh yes! I was and still am mighty impressed!). While I’m in awe of what kindergartners are taught I can’t help but wonder about awareness levels in janatha. Not only about the environment but other issues that touch their day to day life.  Are they not aware or they choose not to do anything?

I am a firm believer in ‘every action counts’ but can’t help wondering, what is that critical number of do-ers needed for us to see some change? Change in the household, change in the apartment / on the street, in the locality, society ...... Maybe I need to do some research on success stories, across various issues, maybe things are not as bleak as they seem!! Maybe I should mail back people who begin signature campaigns and so on and ask them what happened (I get a few mails or requests every week and I sincerely click the button and put my name down – hey!! before you think I’m a loonie, it only takes a few minutes and if it helps why not?). I am definitely going to share my findings!! Let’s keep those fingers crossed and hope I have something positive to report. Help me out if you know / hear something!

I’m ending this note with a happy thought ...... imagine a whole bunch of chatty 3 feet somethings  going home to their parents with a gubbi goodu and a cloth bag!


  1. The tipping point for the scales to tip over can rarely be predicted, most often analysts support theories to suit the event. Every one does count as somewhere along the chain of people who count comes one individual who for some reason makes a huge difference. It is like advertisement, you hardly find people who are actually influenced by ads and buys products, yet there seems to be a huge impact.

  2. My mom always says that one day in a YEAR, if we all just clean up the street in front of each of our homes, that would make a BIG difference!
    I honestly believe that, but not sure if people would follow.
    I used to think that people from out of Bangalore (nowadays there are a lot more) dont care too much about the city, but also find a lot of my friends and people I know opening a biscuit pack and throwing the paper on the street.
    I always pick up the paper or plastic, but as you said - WHAT IS THE CRITICAL NUMBER?
    Would be nice to know your research results.