Thursday, 21 April 2011

Iksha Foundation and Me

Over the past few days I have been tom-toming about Iksha, an NGO that I am a part of. An NGO that focuses on retinoblastoma, a curable eye cancer in children. Many who know me asked me point blank how an environment fanatic was involved with Iksha.

When my older son was about two and a half, a picture with a white eye reflex prompted someone to tell me he possibly had a tumor in his eye. Though the rest of the family phoo-phood the observation (for my sake), I was pretty scared. I mailed our dear 'kann doctor' friend the picture - I just needed to know he was ok. Our kann doctor, in a very calm reply asked me to take another picture with some specific instructions.

It was tough to get my son to stay still to click the picture but I must say I must have been the first person in the world who was so relieved to see a picture a with red eye! Kann doctor also told me he was 99.9% sure my boy was ok but if that 0.1% was keeping me awake I could see him when he was in town. And we did. And I did sleep much better!

It lasted a only few weeks only but it is a uneasy feeling I don't want to relive. Today I am a part of Iksha because I know many aspects of retinoblastoma closely. I know that if detected early it can be cured - we are not fighting a losing battle and a child may not lose sight. Many children come from families that cannot afford treatment and hence our efforts at fundraising.

We use the Bangalore 10k to create awareness about retinoblastoma and fundraise. Please read my appeal page and it would be great if you and your friends can make a contribution.

I am sure I have overdosed many of my friends and family with posts about Iksha and the Bangalore 10k, but please bear with me, I do it just once a year :). And by the way - I am still an environment fanatic.

I'll be back soon .... so much has happened in the past couple of week - I have to rant and rave!!!!!

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