Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Did you know? Do you take a stand?

I try keeping abreast with current affairs (if it can be called that because most of the time it feels like stale beer with new packaging) and every time I read an article or watch the news (very rarely these days because they don’t report anymore they contort) a voice in my head has something to say. Always. It cannot be turned off but the good thing is that it has a mute button (I can almost hear my family and friends’ sigh of relief) and it is not always negative. The voice has a bunch of questions, some reasoning to stop those questions and in all likelihood forget the issue, especially if it is something as mundane as a new government reversing decisions made by the previous government. But this voice is not always for or against a topic. But if I take a stand, it will need some debate and persuasion of make me think otherwise. 

I have witnessed both extremes, not informed to taking a stand – people being totally unaware of something like a municipal election but groaning about the useless elected representatives versus some vitriolic letters to the editor / blogs when one takes an extreme stand. 

The reason I ask the question, did you know? do you take a stand? is because I feel even if it doesn’t change things, you are in some way involved in a process. Like (in a really small picture) being informed and having a point of view on day to day civic and environmental issues means you can be involved sometime or to get something done for yourself you don’t have to attract middlemen or be taken for a ride. Thought this might be something to think about ...

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