Friday, 13 May 2011


As I get a year older (hopefully wiser) I wish to leave behind some baggage. I hope I will be less judgemental of fellow human beings (our city planners do not fall in the human category), I hope to be more positive (sneak in only a little cynicism once in a while) and I do hope none of my negative views are brushed off onto my kids by the way I react to situations.

Actually it has been a good few weeks - we saw people from different walks of life shed some of their apathy and let their voices be heard. Tamil Nadu and W. Bengal had the highest voter turn outs ever! In the other states that went to polls, voter turn out was much much higher than the national average. Whether the smallest village or the largest city people came out, many against a lot of odds, and casted their votes. One that I have been following - a movement against corruption and millions of people demanding that those guilty of corruption be made accountable no matter what his or her position is. In another instance, a pandit woman was elected Sarpanch in a Muslim majority village in Kashmir. This is positive-ness.

Many do not see these developments that way, if one reads comments or letters to the editor you'd wonder 'why so much venom?'. True we don't know what the ruling parties will do in those states or we don't know how the government will kill the janlokpal bill (if it ever reaches there) - there are pros and cons to everything, but with many in the billion wanting a change lets increase the number of pros I say!! Who knows, maybe this many in the billion is the critical number I was talking about earlier!!

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