Sunday, 28 October 2012

Green Info to reduce your carbon footprint

I am a believer that civic and environmental awareness is critical if one wants to see change at a community level or city level. It is not like every one who is aware will do the right thing but even is a small percent did, it would matter. 

This blog is wholly a SHARING EXERCISE of information that is already out there - The Green Life by Latha Anantharaman, a series of 10 articles featured in The Hindu.  

The names of the articles itself will give you a sense of the topic :) ..... the articles have a little (or a lot) of 'this' and 'thats' that we can internalise in our day to day routine / life to make a BIG difference.

1. How to Trash That -

2. It's all about easy composting -

3. A Thriftier Kitchen -

4. Hole In The Bucket -

5. More Power to you -

6. There Will Be Mud -

7. The Minus Touch -

8. Shop Talk - 

9. Drive to Change - 

10. Travelling Light -

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