Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Kambha is here!

It has been 14 years since I walked around digging in the garbage piles of Sunrays Composting unit, sampling soil and water and talking to the farmers about their health issues and that of their cattle. For 8 years now I was also contributing to their woes (before that we did anaerobic composting in the garden of our house) and every now and then feel very guilty for not doing my “more” in managing my waste despite knowing so much about it and preaching to people. Living in an apartment really wasn’t a valid excuse, because many others have managed with options that were available, but somehow for us, there was never a right time. Till NOW :)

Most of our other household waste is managed fine - we live in an apartment that requires to segregate our waste into 6 categories!! And I happily do it. They collect our kitchen waste seperately too but like I said for us 'that' time has come ..... I have been following Daily Dump (http://www.dailydump.org/) for a long time, eyeing exactly what I wanted.  I knew when the time came, I’d have to step up – yah! Decomposition happens naturally but every positive outcome you look for needs that proportion of effort!! 

This is going to be my Kambha Diary, hopefully not one filled with woes like my gardening attempts!! It is Day 3 and still too early to report ‘happenings’ except for the fact that I am happy I am making our little family unit count :)

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