Thursday, 28 March 2013

Running for IKSHA - This time it's for the parents

A chronic sniffle that my child has is enough cause for me to be worried. Many a time, during emergencies, even with all the conveniences I have I'm at a loss of sorts wondering what to do. 

The other day I was reading the health progress reports of our Iksha kids - it is a known fact that they all come from families living on a hand to mouth existence - what stood out most was, no matter what their circumstances  the parents ensured that the kids were in hospital as directed by the doctor for their treatment, many a time forgoing their daily wages for a couple of days and making arrangements for their other kids to be taken care of. In a condition like retinoblastoma, it is extremely critical that the kids come for treatment on time. 

I have had the chance to meet a couple of mothers with their kids at the hospital, they are aware that the cost of treatment is huge and their main responsibility is helping the child get better - you see it in their attitude, despite the unimaginable hardships they face, they are cheerful and treat the kids normally and encourage the kids to get better. 

I now understand more than before how every rupee I raise from donors like you is critical to these parents being "parents". I dedicate my run this year to THE PARENTS of the kids supported by Iksha foundation. 

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