Monday, 29 April 2013

Being a part of the solution, one solution at a time ......

If there is a problem it makes more sense if you are involved in the solution. You know you are trying no matter how complex the solution is ....... 

The list is endless if we sit down and jot our troubles, especially those with our city. When we so vociferously demand our rights I feel a key citizen responsibility is to vote in the right people. There may not be information on every single candidate of every single constituency but there is a lot more information out there than previous elections, choosing by eliminating all the crooks is a good point to start at. 

I shared my personal views on why I feel every individual matters in this write up - 

Overall, the outcome may not be very different from earlier but it will be interesting to note if there were any close shaves or surprise victories ...... something that is a positive indication that a small change is beginning.

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